Hi there, my name is Simone Margaritelli, but I’m mostly known on the internet as evilsocket, I’m was born in Siracusa ( Sicily, Italy ), but I live in Rome since I was 6, I’ve attended both Physics and Informatic Engineering courses in Roma 3 University, but eventually I got bored and never got a degree, some day i will finish them both, who knows :)

I’m a former blackhat hacker now working as a whitehat in the security industry trying to make the world a safer place. I’m currently employed as a mobile security researcher and senior ASM/C/C++ developer for Zimperium, more precisely I’m part of their R&D team called zLabs.

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My email is evilsocket AT gmail DOT com and this is my GPG public key ( 7F1A D5FA 2A51 87DF DD53 DDA9 1564 D7F3 0393 A456 ).

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