Hi there, my name is Simone Margaritelli, but I’m mostly known on the internet as evilsocket, I’m was born in Siracusa ( Sicily, Italy ), but I live in Rome since I was 6, I’ve attended both Physics and Informatic Engineering courses in Roma 3 University, but eventually I got bored and never got a degree, some day i will finish them both, who knows :)

I’m a former blackhat hacker now working as a whitehat in the security industry trying to make the world a safer place. I’m currently employed as a mobile security researcher and senior ASM/C/C++ developer for Zimperium, more precisely I’m part of their R&D team called zLabs.

You can find me on Github, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ while my email is evilsocket AT gmail DOT com and this is my GPG public key, its fingerprint is 7F1A D5FA 2A51 87DF DD53 DDA9 1564 D7F3 0393 A456.

If you want to offer me a beer or two, you can send bit coins to 3Gef69VY8HdhsPghdbipMrepMCKHWukXd3 :)

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